Covid-19 Response


BACKGROUND: On March 13, St. Augustine’s formed a COVID-19 Response Team in anticipation of the needs of our parish at this time. Soon after, a protocol of physical distancing was adopted by the Anglican Diocese of Calgary, leading to the suspension of in-person meetings and services at St. Augustine’s. Since then, the Province of Alberta has approved public worship and religious meetings that follow strict guidelines.


CURRENT SITUATION: Guidelines for Public Worship at St. Augustine's 

Over the summer, St. Augustine’s COVID Response Team developed a plan for resuming public worship.  That plan was approved by the Archbishop and the Church reopened for public worship in September. For instructions on how to join us, please go to

However, it may not be advisable for everyone to attend. Guidelines from the Diocese make clear that there are significant risks and limitations associated with public worship, and we understand that some people may wish to remain home on Sunday mornings. In fact, if you are in a high risk category (e.g., over 65, immunocompromised) we certainly recommend it. For this reason, our worship services continue to be available via livestream video. (see below)

For those willing to attend in person, here are the Guidelines that now govern public worship at St. Augustine's, Lethbridge:

  • For now, a maximum of 33 cohort groups (i.e., individuals or couples/families) may attend a given service. This is due to the size of our sanctuary and current distancing guidelines.
  • You need to register in advance to attend Sunday worship and provide your contact information.
  • Inside the building, you must wear a face mask.
  • Before entering the sanctuary, you must be able to affirm that you have not traveled outside the country recently, that you do not have COVID, or symptoms of COVID, and that you have not recently been in contact with someone who has contracted the disease. We ask that you use the Alberta Health Self-Assessment tool prior to your arrival at the service:
  • No physical greetings (handshakes or hugging) are permitted. You must maintain a two-meter distance with people outside your cohort.
  • You will be assigned a seating place to ensure physical distancing can be maintained.
  • Congregational singing is not allowed, and there are modifications to how the elements of Holy Eucharist are given and received.
  • No childcare or Sunday school is offered at this time, though single-use activity packs are available d for children.  
  • You must leave the building directly after the service (i.e., no coffee hour, or fruit bread ☹).
  • All who participate must understand that they do so at their own risk.
  • We may need to change our plans and requirements as we learn more about COVID-19 and watch how things unfold here in Alberta.


LIVESTREAM WORSHIP CONTINUES: During this time of physical distancing, St. Augustine’s is using Facebook Live to “livestream” services of prayer and worship. The Church has installed audiovisual equipment that allows parishioners to watch events on a home computer or mobile device. Live-stream links for home worship and The Daily Office are posted on this website approximately 15 minutes prior to each event. Go to to this page to view live and recorded events.