Monday after Pentecost

June 1, 2020


Dear Father, we come before you this day longing to feel your presence, walking beside us.  Help us Lord to surrender ourselves to you.  Fill us with your Holy Spirit empowered to do your work on this earth.  May we be open to your leadings, trusting that you will guide us in your ways.  Amen. 

Read Psalm 66 & 67

What glorious psalms that shout of the praise of God.  Psalm 66 reminds us that after many years since the Red Sea, the people are still reliving the story and offering their praise to God.  As followers of Christ let us share the same exuberance to God for all he has done to forgive us and bring us back to Him.  The psalmist reminds us that our journey is not an easy one.  Some may face prison and have burdens laid upon them, think of your own burdens you bear illness, fear, anger, despair, injustice, grief, loss, in each situation may God refine us and make us holy.  Our biggest challenge is to not let sin dwell in us so we may continue to feel his love. 

Psalm 67 reminds of God’s blessing to us as bestowed on by Aaron.  When God makes his face to shine upon us, the expression I envision is one of happiness glowing.  God looks upon us with his favour and with that in mind he wants us to share the good news of his grace with the world.  Think of your own situation when someone smiles upon you, it makes you want to spread the good news.  I think of the song, Sing the praise of Jesus, Hallelujah and realize all God has done, I will praise him with a joyful heart.  Seeing Gods face shine upon us brings us health, happiness, and healing.  May we continue to feel God seeing us and loving us as we are, Amen.

Listen to Alleluia, Sing to Jesus by the Choir of Kings College.

Read Ezekiel 11:14-20

The Jewish people were in exile in Babylon during the writings of Ezekiel. At this time, Ezekiel knows the Jewish people are far from the Lord and they need to return to Him.  God has scattered his people from Jerusalem still proclaiming he is with them for a little while.  After this exile, God will bring back his people to the promised land. 

God’s purpose in bringing the Jews from Babylon to the promised land is to ensure that the people will turn from the idols and images they have made to break the bounds of sin.  To assist the people, God will give us hearts that are right with God.  He will equip us with a new spirit and make our hearts so that they feel what happens around them in the world.   Let not our hearts be hard and shut to any call from God or people.  When we choose to follow his decrees using hearts that love and walk in his ways. Then we will be his people and God will be our God.  May we yield to his Holy Spirit, so we are equipped to walk in Jesus’s way, Amen. 

Read Acts 2: 12-36

The new testament reading is a continuation of Pentecost Sunday’s where the disciples spoke in the tongues of many nations.  In the story today sceptics say the disciples are drunk.  Peter stands up to explain to those accusing them of drunkenness and looks at Joel’s prophecy of these events taking place.  Joel ‘s account states that the young women and men will prophesy, young men will see visions and old men will dream dreams.  I believe the prophecy was for both women and men, not just men as stated. What wonders will we behold in the heavens above or the signs on the earth below?  What wonders will the Holy Spirit lead his people to do. 

Peter reminds us that the people of the day nailed Jesus to the cross, God’s pure love allowed Jesus to be raised from the dead. In that new life Jesus pours the Holy Spirit into his believers. Jesus is both Lord of heaven and earth and Messiah. God has anointed Jesus to show his people how to live and walk in holy ways in our daily life.  How does God anoint you to live your life for him?  May we listen and feel the presence of the Holy Spirit each day of our lives. 

Listen to Holy Spirit Come and Fill this Place by Cece Winans

Dear Father.  May we be open to the callings of your Holy Spirt to do your work, to dream, vision and work to proclaim your name.  Grant us patience to listen for your voice and choose to follow you.  In your Mercy, Lord Hear our Prayer.

We lift up those in the United States who feel anger, fear, frustration and help them to listen to your Spirit of respect and reconciliation.  Protect those who find themselves in the way of these demonstrations keep them safe and turn to the One who brings justice to the world.  We lift up those who do not know you, help them to see Jesus, the shining hope.  In your Mercy, Lord Hear our Prayer.

Bless and bring rest to James in his retirement, grant direction and guidance to Steve and Jason as they shepherd this flock at St. Augustine’s.  Pour your wisdom and discernment on those on the canonical committee. May your Holy Spirit Guide all bishops and clergy as they look to future worship.  In your Mercy, Lord Hear our Prayer.

Jesus you touched those who needed healing, send your healing power on all in need.  Protect and guard, nurses, doctors, health care workers, and all those who care for the sick.  Heal our minds and spirits of our brokenness.  In your Mercy, Lord Hear our Prayer.

Prepare a place for all those who have died, send comfort on those who mourn and hope of the world to come.  In your Mercy, Lord Hear our Prayer.

May we be open to the urgings of the Holy Spirit that we may see visions, dream dreams and prophesize to build your church.  May we have eyes to see your wonders, hearts to share your love and ears to listen to your leadings. In your Mercy, Lord Hear our Prayer.

May our prayers draw us closer to you, enabling us to show your love to the world.  We ask these things through Jesus our Lord.  AMEN


Prayer Quads.



The prayer quads are an intercessory prayer ministry.  We presently have 4 active quads (4 people in each) plus a co-ordinator.  The leaders of each quad meet the 2nd Wednesday of every month to pray and to be updated on the status of the prayer requests.  This is a ministry that demands confidentiality.  We receive prayer requests not only from within our parish, but from people all over the world.  People and their needs are lifted in prayer on a daily basis, sometimes it is for something happening that day or could be for several months if someone is very ill.  There is no request too small or too big to take to our Lord.  If you feel called to serve in this ministry or have a prayer request to give us, we would be grateful.

Sunday Prayer Ministry

Immediately following the 10:00 am Sunday Service, 2 people are always available in the chapel for anyone who would like personal prayer ministry.  This ministry is strictly confidential and is available to all.