Welcome to Disciple Zone - St. Augustine's Sunday School Program!

Sunday School is Virtual at This Time to Keep Everyone Safe

Maundy Thursday:

Here is a video explaining why today is so special!

See if you can find a large basin and some bubble bath. Use them to wash a family member's feet tonight... it is a wonderful way to serve someone you love.


Holy Tuesday:

Here are a couple of crafts that reflect on today's Gospel reading.  All you need is:



-a cup


-cupcake liners

crayons or markers

Click here for an instructional video.

Enjoy and God bless,


Miss Wendy

Holy Monday:

1.  Read the story 'God Gave Us Easter' by Lisa Tawn Bergren with Miss Wendy.  Here is the link to watch...

2.  This simple craft of handmade palm leaves is another option if you were unable to make our palm leaves yesterday. All it takes is green paper, scotch tape, a popsicle stick and a little hand tracing fun! Palm Sunday is a time when Christians remember when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey to celebrate the Passover meal with His disciples. Crowds of people cast their clothing on the road and waved palm branches in the air. The palm branches were a symbol of victory and celebration. On Palm Sunday, some churches pass out freshly cut palm branches and wave them in the air in celebration. Many children’s ministries also have palm branch crafts for kids, but you can easily make these on your own!

3.  Pray.  Thank God for giving us Jesus, Easter and all of your favourite traditions you have to celebrate.  Have a good day.  Check back in tomorrow!


Love, Miss Wendy



Palm Sunday Lesson:  Today is Palm Sunday!  I wish we could be together to do our little parade into the church, singing and waving our palm branches to celebrate Jesus' arrival as the true Kingand Saviour but... guess what!  We can still celebrate, because Jesus is still most definitely our Saviour and King!  So here are some fun activities to help you celebrate this special day, Palm Sunday!  Pssst... I would love to see some pictures if you could snap one or two while you celebrate Palm Sunday...


1.  Here is a short little video telling the story of the first Palm Sunday

2.  Here is a "Palm Leaf Craft" you can do to make your own palm leaves and and have your own parade!  If you don't have a pipe cleaner, a straw works well for the palm stem.

3.  Here is a little "Donkey Puppet Craft" you can make -- just like the little donkey Jesus rode on when he entered Jerusalem that first Palm Sunday!

4.  Let us pray together on this special day:

Jesus, I love you

When you rode into Jerusalem

the people waved palms with shouts of joy.

I am happy that you came to me as well

Please keep this love and joy in my heart

also when it gets difficult.


Let me walk with you, be by your side always,

even when those people with the palms

go away and leave you alone,

even on your way to the cross, when no one seems to help you,

even on the cross, where you feel all alone.

Jesus, I know that you are always by my side.



Have a joyful Palm Sunday girls and boys.  Check back tomorrow for our Holy Monday activities.

May God bless you and keep you,

Miss Wendy


Children's Ministry Office Hours

It takes a village to raise a child, right?  We were not meant to navigate parenting on our own and were created to need one another.  If you have some ideas for our Children's Ministry program, are looking to connect or just need someone to chat with, please don't hesitate to contact our Children and Family's Minister, Wendy Doherty.  She can be reached by email at wendy@staug.org or by booking an appointment through the church office 403-327-3970.  Wendy's office hours for Holy Week are as follows:

Monday...........9:30 - Noon

Tueday............9:30 - Noon

Wednesday......9:30 - Noon

Thursday.........9:30 - Noon



Follow along during the our online service each Sunday.  You can download our worship worksheets Here



Disciple Zone Sunday School Program

Here, children get to hear engaging Bible studies, meet inspiring role models and take part in fun activities.  Everything we do is geared toward discovering how to know, love, and serve Jesus.  Every child from preschool through Grade 12 is welcome.  We look forward to seeing you!


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