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9:15  Isaiah (Pat) gets costume (with Dawn) and microphone (with David)

9:30  Middle School group – Solomon, Muka, David, Charis, Kimoya, etc. and Isaiah

9:30  Gabriel and Angels Jayla and Ayoola get costumes and mics and warm up instruments

10:00  Intro (pages 1 and 2)  Isaiah, Gabriel (Orion) and Angels Ayoola and Jayla, and Charis and Kimoya, and Keith on the balcony

10:15  Sc. 1  Judgement Middle School, including Charis and Kimoya, Isaiah

  (Middle school are done after this scene!)

10:15 Grade 3 / 4’s and Hezekiah (John Bowers) get their costumes

10:30  Sc. 2 ComfortGrades 3 / 4 and grades 5 / 6 and Hezekiah (John Bowers) in pews, High School and friends Assyrians with puppets at the back 2 outside entrances

10:30 Dancers meet Wendy and Jennifer in the hall and put on costumes

10:50 – add Dancers and Mary Lee and/or Joanne

(10:50 – Angels and Isaiah and Charis and Kimoya and Keith get a short break – just a bathroom breakJ)

Dancers practice with Grade 3 / 4 class and then Grade 3 / 4 class and Dancers are done and can go downstairs for hotdogs.  Grade 5 /6 stay with Annette and teachers and are coming back for 11:30 and so is Sophie (to be a shepherd).  They get hotdogs at the end of the Nativity rehearsal

Dancers are finished and may go for hotdogs at the end of their dance practice

10:50 Gr. 1 / 2 get costumes on. Sara (Mary) gets costume.

11:05 Scene 3  Peace - Grade 1 / 2, Isaiah, Orion, Jayla and Ayoola and Beth Songer and Sara Gateman (guitar)

11:20  Scene 4 Great Hope ( and later Scene 5 Sacrifice) add Karen Hudson (and Mary Lee) to sing “How Beautiful are the Feet.”  Grade 1 /2 can go for hotdogs at the end of this song.

11:20  Brandon (Joseph) get costume on

11:30 add Emily (Narrator), Sara (Mary), Brandon (Joseph), Baby Onesimus Boaz, Gr 5 / 6 Shepherds and Kings come back, Nicole with the star


Preschool Angels to sing Away in a Manger

12:00 all except Isaiah, Gabriel, Charis and Kimoya may go for hotdogs.

Rehearse final scene pg. 10


Go see if there are any hotdogs left…



Disciple Zone Sunday School Program

Here, children get to hear engaging Bible studies, meet inspiring role models and take part in fun activities.  Everything we do is geared toward discovering how to know, love, and serve Jesus.  Every child from preschool through Grade 12 is welcome.  We look forward to seeing you!


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